Pupil Labs Companion LSL Relay#

The Pupil Labs Companion LSL Relay (Relay) allows you to stream gaze and event data from your Pupil Labs Companion device to the labstreaminglayer (LSL).

For integration between Pupil Core software and LSL, see https://github.com/labstreaminglayer/App-PupilLabs instead.

Install and Usage#

Install the Pupil Labs Companion LSL Relay with pip:

pip install lsl-relay

After you installed the relay, you can start it by executing:


The Relay takes the following optional arguments:

  • --time_sync_interval is used to set the interval (in seconds) at which the relay sends events to the Pupil Companion device that can be used for time synchronization. The default is 60 seconds.

  • --timeout is used to define the maximum time (in seconds) the relay will search the network for new devices before returning. The default is 10 seconds.

  • --log_file_name defines the name and path of the log file. The default is lsl_relay.log.

  • --device_address IP:PORT connects directly to the specified device. Network device discovery and selection are skipped. The correct format to pass the device address is device_ip:device_port the ip address and the port of your device can be found in the companion app under Menu -> Streaming.

  • --outlet_prefix PREFIX sets the prefix of the outlet name displayed in lab recorder. The default prefix is pupil_labs. Each outlet will also have a suffix, specifying the data stream type (Gaze or Event)


The Relay currently relies on NTP for time synchronization between the phone and the computer running the relay application. See the Timestamps section for details.


Make sure the version of your Pupil Labs Companion App is at least v1.4.14 or higher. You can download the latest version of the App in the Play Store on your Pupil Labs Companion device.

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